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    Create digital event experiences that stand out from the rest.

    Eventscape is the platform event professionals use to create interactive branded livestream experiences. Connect with attendees using live chat, Q&A and polling. Know your audience with actionable marketing and analytics data.

    Photo of interactive Livestream with chat, polling, question & answer

    Connect with your audience using chat, Q&A, and live polling.

    Create a virtual venue where attendees can connect and engage
    Crowdsource the best questions with question upvoting
    Chat and question moderation

    Photo of interactive Livestream with chat and question & answer

    Match your brand.

    Design pages in a simple visual editor
    Adjust logos, fonts & colors
    Choose a custom event link

    Photo of laptop with interactive livestream featuring chat questions and polling.

    Customizable email flows.

    Registration confirmations
    Event reminders
    Post event follow up

    Streamline your team workflow.

    Eventscape gives your team the tools to work smarter and faster. Add anyone to any event and give them access to only what they need.

    Photo of event collaborators event owner, moderator, designer.

    Get full analytics.

    View live, then download your attendee registrations, logins, chat, questions, and more.

    Livestream webcast event world map viewer location
    livestream webcast event sell tickets make money

    Sell tickets to your livestream.

    Import tickets from any ticketing platform. Control access to your livestream.

    livestream webcast event website intergrates with many streaming software providers including open broadcast studio, wirecast, vmix, vidblasterx, streamlabs OBS, xsplit brodcaster, splitcam, switchboard live & restream studio

    Compatible with a variety of streaming software.

    OBS, Wirecast, vMix & more.

    Eventscape makes it easy for event attendees or registrants to join events simply by cliking their event link sent to them via email. They are then taken to the livestream event web page where they view the event, chat, ask questions, answer polls.

    Easy access for your attendees.

    No downloads. No passwords. No forced account creation (lowers conversion).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Videoconference software like Zoom and Teams is great for smaller meetings that are more conversational in style. For larger events that have a fully produced video feed (typically produced by a production company), it’s best to use a platform that allows for higher video/audio quality and can be accessed from a web browser (unlike Zoom or Teams which require attendees to download a program). Eventscape comes with additional tools such as chat & Q&A moderation, detailed attendee analytics, customizable email flows & custom design that are often a requirement for larger branded events. An event on Zoom will look similar to every other Zoom call. Eventscape lets you create an event that is unique and matches your brand.

    Eventscape is intended to be used in conjunction with a production company to produce the video stream (it’s well suited to hybrid events that already have a production company onsite). If you don’t already have a production company for your event, reach out to us using the chat in the bottom right and we can get you connected with one!

    Yes! You can get the registration form embed code by going to the registration tab, then clicking “Embed Form”.

    When designing a virtual or hybrid event, it’s important to think about the following:

    • User experience - What are the steps the attendee will go through, all the way from seeing the first event promotion to post-event follow up?
    • Security - Can the event link/password be shared around to anybody? Are attendees email addresses verified?
    • Reliability - Can the web server handle the surge of traffic that happens at the start of a live event?
    • Data - Is the registration, chat, question, poll, & viewing analytics data all reliably linked to a single attendee?
    Eventscape provides a smooth user experience to attendees all the way from registration/ticket purchase to post event follow up all while maintaining security and reliable data. This can only be achieved with a platform where registration, automated email flows, event interactivity and analytics are all linked together. Similarly, security features such as email verification and maximum device limits are only possible when the registration system is linked to email and analytics. Eventscape provides event professionals a simple solution that checks all these boxes and drastically reduces the amount of time to create each event.

    "I am so thrilled with Eventscape.io. It filled this big hole in my offering to clients by providing simplicity (for them & me), speed of set-up/customization for each event, per-event (very reasonable) pricing and very responsive support. The features (always improving) are usually associated with much more expensive and complex platforms. I’ve also had several conversations with the founders and found them completely open to new ideas and feature requests from customers. What a nice change from the rest of the industry. Keep up the great work, guys!"

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    David Peltz

    Founder, White Label Webcasting

    "Exactly what we were looking for! After almost a year of searching for a way to automate ticket sales and live stream distribution, this service does everything we need. The developers are quick to solve problems, implement feedback, and are continuously improving the service. Reliable, affordable, and great customer service - we will be running all of our live streams through Eventscape."

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    Mike Gough

    Founder, Fulframe

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    Eventscape is the platform event professionals use to create branded, interactive livestream experiences.


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